Friday, October 24, 2014

not so groundbreaking

This is more than a month late, but this shouldn't surprise you anymore... In the midst of studying for end of semester (and end of degree!) exams I thought I'd share these photos from our trip up to Toowoomba for the annual Carnival of Flowers last month. The floral display wasn't as stunning as anticipated this year; I guess we had reasonably high expectations from last year's spectacular show. Nevertheless, it was quite fun to drive up for a day trip with the family.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

rexy and max

Last weekend I met the love of my life. Actually, I met the loves of my life. And now I'd like you to meet my two new lovers, Rexy and Max. 

Rexy is the Nikon Df that I have had my eye on since its release late last year/early this year, and Max is the Micro-Nikkor AF-S 105mm f/2.8 IF-ED VR. Max was named simply on the basis of my like for the name. Plus, the macro lens has a maximum zoom function (hahaha, I love puns). 

Rexy, on the other hand, has a more complicated story. For those of you who are also acquainted with my other two siblings will know that our parents, with a fantastic spout of creativity (or ridiculous sense of humour, still not sure which one), named the three of us with names that begin with 'R' and end in 'Y'. Considering this camera is like the new baby of the family, I thought I'd follow the sequence with a name starting with 'R' and ending in 'Y'. It was a lot harder than I thought. I even researched on baby websites to no avail, only finding names that were more like a random mix of letters. Eventually, I stumbled upon 'Rex', and simply added a 'Y' to the end to make 'Rexy'. At first, I was still unsure, but after considering that the name rhymes with 'sexy' and the camera is exactly that (and also because even my most creative friends could only think of names like "Rabies"), the name became more concrete. 

So that, my friends, was the naming process. I'm not sure if you can tell, but all of this studying is really resulting in my sanity slipping away…

Can't wait until all assessment items are over so I can play with my new toys!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

in the darkness you're my spark, i'll never be afraid to dream

The titles of my last two posts have been lyrics from Go Comet's track, "Worlds Apart". So irrationally obsessed with this song, I've had it on repeat for the past month.

Although I resurfaced from the suffocating pressures of this semester's timetable long enough to post a few entries this past week, I now have to dive back under to tackle the coming few weeks. There are so many photos I'm excited to share, though, so maybe see you in my moments of procrastination.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

even when i'm on my own, we're closer than we've ever been

1. Took a detour to Kangaroo Point last week and finally had the opportunity to stop and admire the amazing view. It was dangerous how desperately I felt compelled to stop whenever I drove past every Tuesday, so I'm glad I finally checked that off my list.
2. Playing with a cheap film camera that I randomly bought on impulse last month. Can't wait to get the shots developed.
3. I feel like I should know what building that is…
4. Trialling recipes for a project. My favourite recipe: paprika sweet potato chips, cooked in the microwave! I've been thinking about them everyday since...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

never too old for theme parks

Despite having lived near Dreamworld, Movie World, Wet 'n' Wild and Sea World for the past five years, it took us until last month to finally get around to buying annual passes. During a long weekend a few weeks ago, we visited Sea World with some family friends and were pleasantly surprised by the number of shows and rides to see and experience. From feeding sting rays, to climbing high ropes courses, and shooting water guns at little kids, there was so much unexpected child-like fun throughout the day. I actually can't wait to go again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

tasmania photo diary 2014

So many photos of scenery this time around. Tasmania is just too beautiful, though, to withhold from taking an excessive amount of photos of the same view, in order to not miss a single angle. 
We spent the majority of the week in Hobart, but ventured out to Huon Valley, Bruny Island and Launceston for day trips in between, visiting sites like Cataract Gorge, Adventure Bay, lavender farms and the Tahune Air Walk. 

The view from The Neck at Bruny Island was pretty stunning. Essentially, it was 360 degrees of raw beauty. Also at Bruny Island were the freshest oysters (I broke a personal record for number of oysters consumed this trip), before a fun but tiring 4 hour walk along the Fluted Cape and Grass Point tracks at Adventure Bay. While the view at the top of the circuit was beautiful, I'm personally not sure it was worth the 4 hours' time it took to see it. However, we were rewarded for our efforts afterwards with dinner at Hotel Bruny, facing a breathtaking sunset.

Huon Valley was home to the best apple pie, the apple museum, selections of apple ciders, wineries, alpacas, and the Tahune Air Walk. Our day trip to Launceston involved walks along the Cataract Gorge Reserve and riding on the chairlift, after a three-course lunch at the Gorge Restaurant accompanied by peacocks and wallabies. Back in Hobart, we visited Mt Wellington, the Cascade Brewery, had more oysters, bought lots of honey, visited the Salamanca markets, had breakfast at the Botanic Gardens, visited MONA, sampled the famous scallop pies, watched the sunrise and sunset, finally tried haloumi, and consumed lots and lots of coffee. 

Because of the early sunsets and subsequent early arrival of dark, we often retired to our resorts right after dinner and played board games until late into the night. These nights were probably one of the highlights of the trip, actually. So many laughs, jokes and secrets were shared and revealed. Overall, despite missing out on the snow and experiencing days of unfortunate weather, the trip was relaxing, fun and definitely memorable. Now, if only we could go back for another week...