Monday, August 22, 2016


(North Stradbroke Island)

As usual so much has happened since my last post. Admittedly, I had forgotten about this little corner of the inter-webs of mine. Funny how easy it is to forget something (or someone) that you once spent so much time and effort on. I've been blogging for so many years now... From writing excruciatingly wordy posts that read like personal diary entries, to sharing daily outfit posts and inspirations, to now mostly just sharing travel photos, the nature of my blog has certainly changed.

We will be road tripping to Sydney in a couple of days, so there will be more updates to come! Finally!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

deep sea

In a final sprint before the expiration of our annual passes, we visited Sea World again this past weekend- apparently along with every other family with kids (ugh, that love/hate relationship with school holidays...).

The day consisted of: battling with crazed parents for a car park, piling into a theatre and singing along to a 3D Spongebob Squarepants where the average audience age was 8 years old (average ages curve pulled up by our obsolescent selves), waiting for polar bears to go swimming instead of sun-baking, watching seals and seagulls combat in a game of 'Let's-See-Who-Can-Get-The-Fish-First', learning about the creatures of the deep (disappointingly, the presentation only consisted of models and no real animals :( ), being amazed (still) by the dolphin show (even despite the soundtrack of crying babies), being tempted by overpriced hot dogs, snow cones and ice creams, waiting an excessively long time for a ride on the cable cars, and squealing in delight over everything in the gift store. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

girl crush: elizabeth olsen


(Source: The TimesRotten Tomatoes, V Magazine, Flaunt Magazine )

Growing up, my sister and I were mega fans of all things Mary-Kate and Ashley. From glitter pens to books to films, no matter how lame or clich├ęd they were, we just couldn't resist the fandom. (I have watched and read New York Minute more times than I care to admit and my siblings can testify to that.) So naturally, I also unconsciously paid attention to any mentions of their family members over the years, and that was when I first heard about 'Lizzie Olsen'.

Fast forward ten years or so and one day I read an article about rising star, Elizabeth Olsen. I remember seeing a family portrait of her with MK and A in one of their books, and at first I'm weirdly shocked to re-learn of her existence and that she's started acting in movies. Reading through the article, though, she quickly transforms from being "Mary-Kate and Ashley's sister" in my mind, to simply being her own person. Her responses are quick, well-founded and genuine, and I admire the integrity of the process she describes with which she chooses her films. Since sparking the wider audience's interest in Martha Marcy May Marlene she's done a lot of interviews, and in all of them she seems super grounded, lovely, intelligent and self-aware.

(The draft for this post was actually ready weeks ago, but I had difficulty compiling just a few photos from the thousands of web ready photos of her. How do you select just a few shots of such an inconveniently photogenic person?!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

soul under the moon

This past Sunday after our morning yoga class we drove up to Mt. Cotton for brunch at Sirromet. Instead of fine dining at the restaurant like we usually do, we opted for the more casual but equally cultivated Tuscan Terrace. We ordered the pork hock (which was my favourite), mushroom spaghetti, marinara pasta, marinara pizza (we love our seafood), and pollo pizza. After a week of long working hours, it was a relief to finally enjoy a tasty lunch overlooking a pristine view.

After lunch we made our way back to GOMA, where my sister and I had registered to participate in the "He Korero Purakau mo Te Awanui o Te Motu: story of a New Zealand river" exhibition by Michael Parekowhai. The exhibit is essentially a beautifully carved Steinway grand piano, complete with an accompanying chair. Because of the fragile nature of the artwork, it has to be handled extremely carefully- which means that you cannot play it unless you have exclusive permission. For example, either because you are part of the Griffith Conservatorium or because you have met certain criteria and applied prior online. And then before playing, you must to wash your hands to ensure the protection of the piano. 

It was the first time in at least four years since I had performed in front of any sort of audience who was not family or a close friend, so I was extremely nervous (and hence made countless errors). Even long after I finished playing my hands were still uncontrollably shaking from nerves. Overall, though, I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have had the opportunity to play on such a beautiful and unique piece of artwork.

Afterwards, because we still had some time before closing, we inevitably had to check out the 'Soul Under the Moon' exhibition again.

You can try to register here to play, but I have just checked the site and all sessions have been sold out.