Thursday, April 23, 2015

ravensbourne and gus beutel

Shot on Nikon Df and Sony NEX-5n

This past weekend we drove down to Ravensbourne National Park to explore new bushwalking tracks, one of which was the Palm Creek circuit. The track was a lot easier to complete than anticipated, especially considering it was labelled a level three track (note: the Pyramids track is also level three, but always feels more like a level four or five). 
Along the way, we encountered many trees that reminded us of Jurassic Park movie sets, which is probably not the most welcome thought when you're seemingly the only humans in the whole rainforest...
Afterwards we drove up to the Gus Beutel lookout for lots of photo taking, including the obligatory jump shots whenever there are wide open spaces.

Monday, April 20, 2015

the sun will rise with my name on your lips, cause everything will change tonight

After arriving just in time for our 12 o'clock lunch booking at Varias, Stanthorpe, last last weekend, we were able to enjoy a relaxing lunch of spatchcock, steak, fish and chips, coconut sorbet, and honeycomb sorbet, among a few other delicious dishes.
En route to our favourite walking track/top-of-the-world view a.k.a the Pyramid at Girraween National Park, we stopped by a countryside fruit market for a box of the freshest local apples, while also making a pit stop at the [not-that-Big-Apple] Big Apple for a big box of local Sutton's apple juice. Our favourites (deduced by the serious task of taste-testing) were the Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Lady and ginger-infused blends.
While the juice taste-testing chased away sour memories of our last batch of Sutton's juice all those years ago, the mouth-watering larger-than-the-size-of-my-head apple pies displayed in the Shed Cafe brought up bittersweet memories of the best apple pie we had ever tasted in Tasmania. So much self control was practiced whilst telling myself that second dessert was not necessary. And just as well, because otherwise I would have had to crawl/roll my way up the rocks of the Pyramid track an hour later (not that I still didn't need to…).
As usual, though, the breathtaking view at the end of the track made the whole pain-staking trek worth it. Unfortunately, the time for us to admire the view this time was cut short, since we needed to make our way back down before sundown.

Can't wait to go back soon and hopefully not die halfway up; however, the next time we make the trip up may be a long while yet, considering I will be starting full-time work in the next few weeks and will only have Sundays off. Goodbye sleep-ins. *cry*

Friday, April 10, 2015

it must be a kind of Rebellion, to arm your fears like soldiers and slay them

Since my sixteenth birthday we haven't been back to Noosa, so last weekend, before visiting a family friend at the Sunshine Coast, we drove up to Noosa Heads for afternoon tea and a stroll along the beach. After witnessing a beautiful sunset at Noosa Beach, we watched as Hastings Street came to life with its night scene of luminously lit trees, sidewalk cafes and street performers crooning gentle blues tunes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

take me to the city

Last last weekend we brought Mum to Cultural Centre for her first GOMA experience. We got sticker-crazy in the Obliteration Room again, after checking out the light installation, in which little glowing orbs hang from the ceiling in a pitch black room. The effect of the orbs in darkness is a mesmerising interstellar beauty. Be sure to check out the exhibit during your next visit to GOMA.