Monday, June 25, 2012


I was having a good hair day, which totally justifies my hair flicking.

(Forcast angora knit jumper, Kmart pleather shorts, J.U.N.K coat, Kmart (I think?) boots, Valleygirl bag, necklace from Canada, Equip ring)

Posting this many photos is probably a very misguided judgement that I will regret later on, but I'll just blame it on my current hyperactivity over the fact that exams are finally over! And... point proven, that sentence does not make sense. Anyway, celebrated the occasion this afternoon/tonight with games of Tetris, ice cream and "The Dark Knight". And now I may just fall asleep in this smushy, green, angora knit jumper. It is legitimately one of the most comfortable jumpers I've ever worn.

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