Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Instagram: December

Dad dug out his old Nikon film camera from way back! Super cool!

 Bowser and lace shorts

Buffet breakfast at the Botanical Gardens! Soo yummy! 

And round 2 of the buffet breakfast! 

Perfect picture taking day at the Botanical Gardens 

Off to work in my new Nike sneakers 

 Again at the Macadamia Factory at the Sunshine Coast

Summer lovin' with my sister 

New $10 bikinis from Dotti

 Which team are you on?

 Coolest t-shirt at Myer!

 Yummy dark chocolate sorbet at the new chocolate factory in Melbourne. Was too excited and forgot to take a picture before eating :P

So much zen at the Olinda Tea House at Mt Dandenong 

Since I was on holidays for the end of December, I missed the Instagram recap post, so I thought I'd make it up now.

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