Tuesday, June 11, 2013

counteracting tedium

(Choies shirt, New Balance running shorts, beanie from Hong Kong, beanie from Thailand)

Heart palpitations are still a commonplace experience for me whenever online purchases are made. Both while I click "Place Order" and enter my credit card details and while I'm waiting for the package to arrive. The whole process is something I will never completely trust, but sometimes for convenience or variety's sake, I daringly take the risk. 

The procurement of this Choies shirt contributes to one of my five online shopping experiences. It was both what I expected and not. The disappointment that the sleeves were longer than expected was offset by the observation that the material was also better than expected. While a thin, cotton material was awaited, a relatively thick and shiny material was received. In fact, it actually reminded me of a wet suit when I tried it on as soon as I got home.

The orange beanie was one of the many hats I hoarded whilst in Thailand. Ironic, huh? Stocking up on beanies in 40 degree Celsius heat... But I've always been a supporter of end of season sales.

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