Monday, June 24, 2013

hong kong photo diary 2013

Finally! Only 2 months late, but here's the Hong Kong Photo diary! Recording events such as: meeting up with Pingu, admiring the night scene at Tsim Sha Tsui, excitement on double decker buses, devouring street food, watching cartoons and old TV shows at Grandma's house, camouflaging into seats and floors of boats, excitement over bottled and canned Starbucks, visit to Green Island, all you can eat Japanese food with family friends, ice skating in shopping centres, awe over the vast selection of ice cream flavours at local supermarkets, suffering from an extremely painful 'massaging' hula-hoop, huge set meals, admiring the architecture of tightly packed high rises, visiting a friend's university, extravagant displays in shopping centres, and getting wedgies at the Space Museum while learning anti-gravity walking. 

Despite the amount of time it took to put all these shots together, I feel like I still have a whole bunch of photos that I'm missing... Maybe I'll put together a part two if I find enough missed shots. On another note, I've compiled enough photos taken from the top floor of the double decker buses that I think I could start a Bus Diaries series if I were to live in Hong Kong.

Anyway, in reflection, I wish I could have taken even more photos during this trip, but I guess there's only so much fun you can capture! Hong Kong trips always seem so eventful, and I can't wait to be back for another one!

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