Monday, September 30, 2013

Instagram: August and September

Ideal reading environment while looking at Metricon display homes

Getting creative with leftovers. A much needed yum before spending 5 hours plus on Biochem work...

22 degrees Celsius, Australian winter

Long time no selfie

Breakfast to this view at Kangaroo Point

Smoothie to start a beautiful unwintery day

Another beautiful day

After teaching for the day. Love the cute pot plants outside the classroom

Found paradise in the form of this bookstore. Further 50% off everything!!!

Post prac exam cry over tacos

Found a dark alley to cry in after our exam

Om nom nom omelette

After work situation. Finally taking advantage of my staff discount with this green apple green tea with aloe vera and lychee jelly. Plus this book that contributes to my personal record of longest time taken to finish a book...

Zipper skirt and BMW

Feeling embarrassingly under-dressed while delivering documents to big firms with elevators complete with red carpets and elevator music

Assignments and quiche to start the day

Hong Kong style BBQ!

Smoothie bowl for breakfast

Studio Ghibli cartoons in bed!

More books!

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