Tuesday, January 14, 2014

melbourne photo diary 2014

As always, our trip to Melbourne over the new year was a spontaneous, last minute decision. This time around, despite its formidable ocean breezes, I found a possible new favourite suburb in St Kilda when we visited near sunset. Also, the experience of getting caught in a crowd that rivals Hong Kong's (think peak hour after work MTR situation/too many sardines in a can) after the New Years fireworks display is not something I'm likely to forget anytime soon. Possibly one of the most stressful thirty minutes of my life that included, but was not limited to, being grabbed by the waist by a stranger and not daring to turn around since they were pushed up against your back.

Traumatic experiences aside, we also enjoyed the unexpected renovative upgrades to the Oakridge winery (surprising since it was like a completely different place to how it was when we visited last year), devouring a three course lunch whilst overlooking a stunning vineyard view. The beautiful weather helped, too.

Dad was especially excited when we visited the RAAF Museum at Point Cook, situated about five minutes from our resort. Never having had an interest in history, I was admittedly also quite fascinated by the displays of war aircraft and history behind it all. Another place of great interest to my dad was the record store we visited in Malvern. So many LPs and CDs... There, I got the first two CDs I've purchased in about ten years (both of which are old albums but I'm still hooked to all the same).

One of the things I love about Melbourne is there never seems to be a lack of eye candy. I especially got my dose after berry picking when we had lunch at the beach suburb of Lorne... Scrumptious cheesy  garlic bread and tasting shark for the first time, all while not-so-subtly eyeing surfer guys... And enjoying the beautiful ocean view, of course. The best part of the trip for me, though, was probably the drive back after lunch along the Great Ocean Road, with the windows down, staring into the limitless blue.

On the last day: the best waffles. While waffles are probably one of my favourite foods, I rarely order it on the occasional chance they're available at cafes since they're usually served with syrups or other glucose-rich toppings. You can imagine my excitement then when these waffles were accompanied by fresh fruit and yoghurt. Basically all of my favourite breakfast foods served on a wooden chopping board/ platter. To say I simply devoured it would be a gross understatement. But I have no regrets.

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