Saturday, May 23, 2015


Whilst I appreciate both heavily produced and acoustic versions of songs, I often find myself leaning more towards the acoustic counterparts. If performed well, stripped versions of songs can be really magical to watch and listen to, baring the artists' raw interpretations of emotions, which can often be lost through production.

A post on Facebook this week linked me to Elle Magazine's Women in Music 2015 feature about an up-and-coming artist called Halsey. I'm not usually one to immediately look up artists after reading an article, but something about the idea that an artist (who is also around the same age as me) was finally writing honest and meaningful lyrics made me pay attention. So I looked her up on YouTube and was lead to her first two music videos, "Hurricane" and "Ghost". Admittedly, I quite liked the rhythm of the songs but wasn't overwhelmed by any particular feelings of infatuation, and the lyrics barely registered. But then I watched an interview she did with MTV, and maybe it was how earnest she was throughout the interview, or because her views of pop music align with my own, but I found myself continuing to click through any relevant videos of her. Finally, I came across this stripped version of "Hurricane" and understood why she's rapidly gaining popularity in the USA and England, and will soon be huge here, too.

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