Saturday, December 29, 2012


(Dangerfield backpacks)

I don't think I've emphasised enough on this blog yet how much I love backpacks. They are the fast track way to add an element of cute, young, casual, boy and fun to an outfit. I had been eyeing the backpack on the left for ages in the Dangerfield department of Myer, before finding it on sale in the Dangerfield store (yes, a whole store of Dangerfield goods!!!) at the Doncaster Shopping Centre today. Also, the fact that there are actually two or three different ways to carry the bag just makes me love its imploding cuteness even more. The backpack on the right was my first Dangerfield purchase (worn previously here, here, here and here) has become my go-to travel carry on bag. Sadly, the straps had to be reattached only by my mum and my combined dodgy needle work, so it is now almost quite literally hanging by a thread...

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