Monday, June 3, 2013

Instagram: April and May

One of the best days in Pattaya, Thailand!

Like spring in autumn

 Great way to start the day

Outfit of the day 

"It's you against you" at Yoga Func. You know you had a great workout when you leave with sore muscles. 

Arm candy 

This view is the only thing that motivates me to go to biochem prac on Tuesday nights

The day I became a big, red ball of fluffiness 

Finally found the new indoor pool at QUT 

 Black with white stripes
 Veggie Mediterranean baguette for lunch

Book shelf at the Spice of Life Deli 

Red jeans and default Converse Chucks 

 New toy! Present to myself!
My darling brother

While putting together the April Instagram review post, I realised that April wasn't that eventful for me on Instagram, so I decided to just put the April and May review together in one post, instead. 

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