Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Instagram: June and July

Green smoothie for breakfast (Greek yoghurt, spinach, wheat grass, soy milk, honey, chia seeds)

Beautiful day at Sanctuary Cove 

One eventful day: Brisbane in the morning, Gold Coast in the afternoon and then New South Wales for dinner.

Phone case from Hong Kong. As if to prove the power of Bruce Lee, in the fall that shattered my phone screen, the case was left completely unscathed.
 Feeling sentimental with lyrics by Zedd

 Morning of my last exam for Semester 1

 First leather jacket/new favourite jacket c/o my lovely sister

Quadruple choc dessert, because triple choc is not enough to get fat 

Polaroids from South Bank 

 SABA and new Windsor Smith boots

 Afternoon tea at the Glasshouse Mountains

 Giant mushroom!

 Breakfast at IKEA

Books I finally got around to reading this past month

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