Sunday, August 4, 2013


(Cotton On shirt, Jay Jays pleather skirt, Windsor Smith studded leather boots, J.U.N.K coat, SABA bag)

Each time I wear this shirt, I reminisce the incredibility that it was one of those 'last pieces' yet it was my size and cost only $2. 

As usual, I'm behind on blogging. These shots were taken last weekend from our apartment in Southport, during one of my favourite times of the day. 

It's only week 2 of semester, yet I've fallen behind already, and it seems I will never have enough time to fully catch up and stay on top of the work. Not to mention that I'm starting a new job this coming Tuesday as well. To say that I am terrified would be drastically understating things. In order to attempt to fit 25 hours' worth of work into a 24 hour day, I've been starting to exercise excruciating self control in the form of not reading any new novels. Simply because I am a book worm as such that I can never concentrate on anything else and will focus every other waking minute on reading until I've finished a novel. Sigh, this restriction is so punishing, though, especially since I recently acquired many new books that I am super eager to read. Mid semester cannot come any sooner...

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