Monday, December 1, 2014

tokyo times

Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon Temple), Tokyo shot with Nikon Df and 24-85mm lens

After an eventful nine days spent on the wonderful islands of Japan, we arrived back at the Gold Coast airport early this morning, bleary-eyed and both disappointed and grateful to be home. Having heard so many stories regarding this little country, but never having the opportunity to visit for myself, I was predictably ecstatic yet unsure of what to expect during this trip. 

Despite having my brother act as a translator between our family and the Japanese waiters/drivers/staff/other members of the general public, communication was often difficult, considering the majority of the public spoke little to no English. Language barriers aside, you have to commend Japanese people for always thinking one step ahead, especially when it comes to customer service. Case in point: after being asked to take my shoes off for the security check at the airport, I was provided with a pair of slippers to walk the five metres through the security scanner, until I could re-access my shoes.

Whilst almost every day of our trip was packed with places to visit and food to eat, it feels like we barely even scraped the surface of what Japan truly has to offer. Overall, though, it was a lot of fun to explore the shrines, temples, castles, palaces, markets and streets of Japan, and I have over 2000 photos to show for it. 
The photo diaries for this trip will, therefore, be split up, and consist of photos from my Df, Sony and iPhone, simply because I took so many photos the batteries would be drained before the end of the day. Can't wait to share the photos!

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