Thursday, January 29, 2015

eternal blue

Shot on Nikon Df with 24-85mm lens

The last time Grandma visited Sydney and Melbourne was apparently 20 years ago, so over the New Year period, we decided to drive down and update her memories of the two cities. While we usually only stay overnight in Sydney on the drive down to Melbourne, this time we stayed for a couple of days, paying the obligatory landmarks a visit.

One thing that stood out to me in compiling this post, though, was the amount of blue captured in these photos. From the clear blue skies during our visit to the Opera House and Nan Tien Temple, to the gradients of the sky and ocean blending into one at the Bulli Lookout, I was consistently grateful to be surrounded by the beauty that is my favourite colour.

Although the weather was scorchingly hot and sunny (and I still have the tan lines to prove it), Nan Tien Temple was a wonderfully peaceful little place to re-visit. We rehydrated with specialty herbal teas and vegetarian noodle soups at the little cafe, after wandering around the temple for a short while, and then proceeded to hide in the air-conditioned goodness that was Pitt Street Mall.

Now, finishing off this post with some words of wisdom that were found in Nan Tien Temple. All around the temple were posters depicting series of philosophical thoughts and 做人的原理. Here's just one of them, which was also photographed above:

"路 不可以不看就走
話 不可以不想就說
事 不可以不明就做
神 不可以不知就信"

"Look at the road before you cross it.
Think before you speak.
Plan carefully before you act.
Study a new god before you worship it."

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