Thursday, January 22, 2015

osaka photo diary 2014

Shot on Nikon Df with 24-85mm lens, Sony NEX-5n and iPhone 6

Nearly two months since we returned from Japan and I am finally down to my last photo diary. Although we stayed in Osaka for three days, two of those days were spent in Kyoto and Nara, so we really only had one full day to explore Osaka. 

We shopped for a little while at Carnival Mall in the morning, before spending the majority of the day at Kuromon (黑門市場), where all of the food cravings that we had been curbing ever since landing in Japan were finally satisfied. This included fresh salmon, tuna, scallop and ebi nigiri, octopus sashimi, takoyaki and okonomiyaki (my favourites), fresh spider crabs (Mum's favourite), taiyaki (my brother's favourite), and green tea soft serve ice cream! The stores that allowed you to buy fresh seafood to either take home or dine in reminded me of the Sydney Fish Market, but somehow, I found the meal in Osaka a lot more enjoyable than the meal in Sydney… Either way, so incredibly lucky to be able to feast on the freshest seafood, and for reasonable prices.

We wondered around the market for a while, buying souvenirs and digesting all of the food we had feasted on, before proceeding to Shinsaibashi for more shopping. En route, we admired and took photos of the little hidden alleyways, as well as the fluorescent and sparkly Osaka night scene, were caught up in the hustle and bustle of locals going shopping or out for drinks, saw a customised hot pink limousine, got photobombed by a local whilst taking a picture of a restaurant's kitchen window, and basically felt really out of our depth in such a huge and populated city (well, I did, anyway).

Overall, we agreed that we would love to fly directly to Osaka and spend more time in the city during our next trip to Japan. I don't think it receives nearly enough credit as Tokyo for all of the food, culture, scenery and entertainment that it offers. 

Well, that concludes this Japan Photo Diary series- hope you enjoyed these little glimpses of our trip. Sydney and Melbourne photos from New Years coming soon!

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