Wednesday, January 14, 2015

tokyo photo diary 2014

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Photos shot on Nikon Df with 24-85mm and Sony NEX-5n

The photos for this post were actually ready about a month ago, but I spent the past two weeks trying to fix up the resizing issues to no avail. 

Anyway. Three days in Tokyo was really not enough to even see one small corner of the huge city. One of the most exciting things we'd heard about and were finally able to experience for ourselves was the types of foods offered in convenience stores. Think Japanese curry, yaki soba, unagi don, onigiri, acai bowls, and fresh juices and salads, all in addition to the traditional convenience store culprits (i.e. potato chips and soft drinks). And to think I used to be impressed by Hong Kong's convenience stores and their microwavable dim sums… There were even business suit shirts and ties available for emergency purchase- as I mentioned previously, the Japanese really do think of everything.

The three days were spent exploring Sensoji Temple, having afternoon tea and shopping in Ginza, pretending I was Davy Jones with grilled squid skewers, sampling delicious sweet potato fries, understanding the real definition of "thick cut" in aforementioned fries, marvelling at my brother's Japanese speaking skills, devouring our first bowls of traditional Japanese ramen, marvelling at the city's night scene and city lights, playing with the many, many vending machines, fumbling with Japanese currency, searching back streets for food, getting confused by the networks of train and subway lines, eating sashimi and hot pot for late night supper, riding on the Shinkansen for the first time, being stuck in the chaos that is Tokyo rush hour, and most excitingly (I'm pretty sure I actually squealed), going into one of the gaming arcades that we have seen so many times on episodes of Sailor Moon (disappointingly, Sailor Moon failed to mention the suffocating cigarette smoke, even in the non-smoking areas).

In between all of these activities, we talked and laughed and walked a lot and took heaps and heaps of photos. The rest of the photo diaries coming soon!

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