Thursday, February 12, 2015

You could be my hero, if only I could let go (melbourne, part three)

Shot on Nikon Df with 24-85mm lens

At long last, the final photos from Melbourne, featuring Brighton Beach and the Black Rock Pier. Considering that Brighton Beach is probably one of the most photographed and visited tourist attractions of Melbourne, it's a wonder that it took us so long to finally make the trip. 

In a country renowned for its beautiful and iconic beaches, with silky sand and crystal clear waters, it's fair to say that the only redeeming factors for Brighton Beach were the multi-coloured beach shacks that line the shore. Otherwise, the sand was coarse and littered with cigarette butts, wrappers and other garbage alike, and the water was a far-from-inviting ominous grey-blue. No wonder tourist websites and brochures only ever picture the colourful little huts. 
Still, we spent a good half hour wondering along the shore for photographic evidence that we had visited this landmark, before stopping by the Black Rock Pier for more photos. 
Perhaps it was the moody, overcast weather, but standing by the pier conjured thoughts of thriller movies and mystery scenes from novels, especially when the waves crashed against the dark, rocky shore with such violent force. I stood there, transfixed, for a few moments, before my stomach rumbled and we set off in search for food.

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