Tuesday, June 30, 2015

deep sea

In a final sprint before the expiration of our annual passes, we visited Sea World again this past weekend- apparently along with every other family with kids (ugh, that love/hate relationship with school holidays...).

The day consisted of: battling with crazed parents for a car park, piling into a theatre and singing along to a 3D Spongebob Squarepants where the average audience age was 8 years old (average ages curve pulled up by our obsolescent selves), waiting for polar bears to go swimming instead of sun-baking, watching seals and seagulls combat in a game of 'Let's-See-Who-Can-Get-The-Fish-First', learning about the creatures of the deep (disappointingly, the presentation only consisted of models and no real animals :( ), being amazed (still) by the dolphin show (even despite the soundtrack of crying babies), being tempted by overpriced hot dogs, snow cones and ice creams, waiting an excessively long time for a ride on the cable cars, and squealing in delight over everything in the gift store. 

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