Thursday, June 18, 2015

girl crush: elizabeth olsen


(Source: The TimesRotten Tomatoes, V Magazine, Flaunt Magazine )

Growing up, my sister and I were mega fans of all things Mary-Kate and Ashley. From glitter pens to books to films, no matter how lame or clichéd they were, we just couldn't resist the fandom. (I have watched and read New York Minute more times than I care to admit and my siblings can testify to that.) So naturally, I also unconsciously paid attention to any mentions of their family members over the years, and that was when I first heard about 'Lizzie Olsen'.

Fast forward ten years or so and one day I read an article about rising star, Elizabeth Olsen. I remember seeing a family portrait of her with MK and A in one of their books, and at first I'm weirdly shocked to re-learn of her existence and that she's started acting in movies. Reading through the article, though, she quickly transforms from being "Mary-Kate and Ashley's sister" in my mind, to simply being her own person. Her responses are quick, well-founded and genuine, and I admire the integrity of the process she describes with which she chooses her films. Since sparking the wider audience's interest in Martha Marcy May Marlene she's done a lot of interviews, and in all of them she seems super grounded, lovely, intelligent and self-aware.

(The draft for this post was actually ready weeks ago, but I had difficulty compiling just a few photos from the thousands of web ready photos of her. How do you select just a few shots of such an inconveniently photogenic person?!)

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