Thursday, February 7, 2013

adventures with the twin

Photos by Emmeline and me

Spontaneous and unplanned adventures are always the best kind, and they're a hundred times better when endured with your best friend. Emmeline and I caught up for brunch today, and we decided last minute to check out the APT7 exhibition at the GoMA. Sometimes you see people in museums or art galleries staring at one piece for so long, and it makes you wonder, "Why are they just staring at it? What do they see?" Today, I became one of those starers, admiring some of the most breathtaking pieces whose beauty really can't be captured by a photograph. In particular, there were three pieces (part of a series, I think), which had little diamantes along parts of the painting, so that it sparkled when viewed from certain angles. 

Also, there was a claw machine which, instead of the usual plush toys, was filled with fake passports instead. Brazilian, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese passports... After about the tenth attempt, Emmeline and I finally managed to claw a Brazilian passport! Apart from earning passports, cutting out our own cardboard glasses in the Kids' Art section, asking the security guard to take pictures for us, and getting scared (before proceeding to become amazed) in the 'Darker Shade of Dark' installation, we also created our own avatars in the Garage Gamer section of the SLQ and played Fruit Ninja on a massive projected screen (while taking sneaky, forbidden photos). This was followed by a walk to the city for Noggi frozen yoghurt and a short shopping trip at Elizabeth Arcade. 

It's always a good day when you part ways with sore cheeks caused by endless laughter. And the likelihood that we probably won't see each other more than once every few months once uni starts again just made me treasure today even more. Miss you already, twin! x

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