Friday, February 1, 2013

Instagram: January

Sending New Years wishes from the windy Twelve Apostles on New Years Day!

Afternoon tea of my favourite childhood drink to this view

At the Bega Cheese Factory, NSW

Surfers sunset

Beach swim for the first time in ages, resulting in a tan at least three shades darker

Homemade wonton noodles

Cute catch up date over frozen yoghurt at Berry Me with some of my favourites

Ombre shorts

First yoga class! So much fun!!

Next read: "Through the Looking-Glass" (which, mind you, I still haven't actually started yet...)

Found my overalls

After yoga mantra

Birthday present from my brother! Pretty sure it was the first present he's ever given me, and it's also the closest thing I'll ever get to actually getting a pet dog

Part one of my birthday present from my sister!

Birthday presents from my parents: SABA bag and Seiko watch!

Meet my new friends!

Project Runway: Home Edition with an IKEA sewing machine that I also received for my birthday

To be perfectly honest, to say that I was relieved when I realised I had this monthly Instagram review to post is an understatement, because, really, I somehow have nothing fascinating to report. After birthday celebrations last week, this past week I've just been working and, sadly, counting down the days 'til uni starts  again (dismally, may I add). It's hard to believe that I'm preparing to commence my second year of uni this year, when I'm not really sure where last year even went. How much more prepared I feel to conquer the big bad world once I graduate can be drawn in comparison to how Katniss felt before battling in the arena.

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